Server temporarily shut down notice

Time : 2016-11-25 03:02

Dear Players:

Next Tuesday we will initiate an Open test, therefore we will temporarily shut down our server and all beta test players' data will be erased shortly(@4:30PM,2016.11.25). Thank you all for participating. Each beta test player will be rewarded 6,500 Gems for engaging in beta test. The reward will be automatically added to your newly-established account. We humbly welcome you to join the Open test next Tuesday.

Horde VS Alliance Team

Epic Warlords

“Epic Warlords” is available now! Players can choose to join Horde or Alliance and obtain two completely different sets of heroes and troops and different types of skills and strategies. Human Knights, Orcs Warriors, Dwarven Snipers, all those characters you are familiar with are all here. Make friends, organize clans, plunder other players, form teams to attack epic strongholds and become the king of this magical world!